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Australia and New Zealand people only: Have you seen a fairy? Have you seen something strange in the garden, bush or in your own house, that could only be described as a type of fairy? We would like to know all the details of what you saw, and compile a book about it. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, we would like to hear about your strange sighting/s.
We know that many 'European' style fairies are seen in the Antipodes, probably coming over with people and their European trees. We'd like to learn more about what people have witnessed.

If you are from another country and have a story, feel free to tell us. The more we understand about these entities, the better...

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'The Fairy Faith' documentary

A very interesting video that really makes you think about the existence of fairies and the Sidhe, in Ireland especially. People like Eddie Lenihan (the one in this documentary protesting at the abominable desecration of the fairy trees) are too few, I believe. There is a bit of Eddie Lenihan in me too – If I was in Ireland, I’m sure I would protest too! I have always found that believing in such things like fairies completely harmless. I would not laugh at other people - especially those who had witnessed them, but did not make a fuss about them, yet told the tale and was completely relaxed about it.

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