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Australia and New Zealand people only: Have you seen a fairy? Have you seen something strange in the garden, bush or in your own house, that could only be described as a type of fairy? We would like to know all the details of what you saw, and compile a book about it. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, we would like to hear about your strange sighting/s.
We know that many 'European' style fairies are seen in the Antipodes, probably coming over with people and their European trees. We'd like to learn more about what people have witnessed.

If you are from another country and have a story, feel free to tell us. The more we understand about these entities, the better...

Please email me your story -

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

This blog is for some story collecting and research. What my friend and I would like is for people to report any kind of fairy sightings in Australia and New Zealand.

We hope to compile a book about these sightings. We prefer to hear about physical sightings, music, feelings, energies and any interactive encounters.

Great Britain and Ireland are famous for fairy sighting, but they happen in the Antipodes as well. Many people of Australia and New Zealand, since settlement 200 years ago, have seen what they describe as 'British Fairies' here - as if they brought them with them. The Aboriginal people of Australia had their own fairies or 'spirits' and 'ancestors' that appeared to them, but they looked nothing like the pointy-capped gnomes that white man are accustomed to.

Perhaps these fairies from Britain and Europe came over with the trees. There are a lot of European tree plantations and gardens in Australia and New Zealand, so it would not surprise me if these elemental spirits came over with them.

Most people that see fairies quite often did not believe in them before the sighting, but often 'fairy', 'gnome' or 'leprechuan' is the best way to describe what they have seen. They had no reason to believe before this, they may have believed as a child, with their interest in fairy tales and Enid Blyton publications. Some people are surprised to come across them while going for walks, while gardening, or even in the house!

Here we don't laugh at you or disbelieve your story - please tell us what strange stories you have of any sightings. There is no such thing as 'too weird' - the weirder, the more interesting, so don't be afraid to report it to us, describing everything you saw, felt, and heard. Some fairy encounters are far from pleasant and magical, we understand that - please tell us all about it!

Name the time, place (location), day, weather, daylight or night time, the year it happened, how old you were, who else was with you and did they see it - ANYTHING you can remember.

You are not alone - there are hundreds of witnesses out there like you, and thousands from around the world, going back centuries. Just think of all the stories NEVER reported - we will never know the full amount of sightings in the world, due to people being too afraid to report what they see!

(We would prefer that any sightings as a result of hallucinations from drugs of any kind not be reported.)

We will reveal our names soon, and build this blog up as we go. In the meantime, email me any of your sightings - or, if you don't mind others reading about your encounter, record them into any of the comments.

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